Welcome to ViaCeram!

by A Marr & Associates Media

A couple of years ago, the City of Limoges took the initiative in creating a ‘European Urban Network for Innovation in Ceramics’ to foster greater co-operation between several European cities with a ceramic tradition.

This network has now grown to the point where it is ready to launch a shared website, with an associated social media campaign designed to develop a sustainable and competitive tourism offer around ceramics.

The seven partners involved in this project are: Limoges in France, Stoke-on-Trent in the UK, Delft in Holland, Faenza in Italy, Hohr-Grenzhausen and Porzellanikon- Selb in Germany, and Anderen (a UK-based “micro enterprise” with expertise in the Chinese market).

It’s an initiative which will ultimately promote sustainable tourism through a ‘European Route of Ceramics’, based on the ceramics heritage within these six cities.

But it’s not just about creating holiday packages based on ceramics.  They also want to create a network of ceramics destinations…and to build communication tools to promote them.  As such, a website will be launched some time in July, offering details about each destination, and promoting the six cities as a whole.

The European Route of Ceramics has already been recognised as a Cultural Route by the Council of Europe, enabling the project to be selected for EU funding.

Aiming to attract as many people as possible the group is especially keen to target a younger market across Europe.  There is also a recognition of the need to develop their product for emerging markets in Asian and, in particular, China.

So it’s very definitely a case of “watch this space”.  Some progress is already evident, but the cities are committed for the long-term – with a view to expanding further across Europe in the future.

And the next step will be the creation, and launch of a new, shared website: www.viaceram.eu.