Selb’s porcelain-makers festival

by A Marr & Associates Media

©Stadt Selb

©Stadt Selb

Selb’s annual festival for fans (and collectors) of White Gold

Just as it has done for so many years, Selb will once again stage its annual “Festival of Porcelain” over the first weekend in August. It’s the day when “White Gold” – the very hallmark of this south German city – becomes the focal point for all visitors to Selb.

One very special – and spectacular – highlight is the porcelain flea market: quite probably the biggest porcelain flea market staged anywhere in the world. Each year, this covers a vast area of the city, and attracts several hundred sellers – as well as tens of thousands of visitors, seeking out bargains!

It all makes for a fantastically colourful, carnival weekend.

Selb has been the city of china for nearly 200 years and porcelain, in particular, is the product that made the city famous all over the whole world. Most of the people who live in this town, and around it, are still associated with the porcelain making industry. They call each other “Porzelliner”; and welcome visitors to the city all year round, but especially at the time of the Festival and flea market.

Generation after generation of porcelain makers based in the town are given the opportunity once a year by the town council to rent space on the sidewalk in the city centre on the day and sell their excess wares to visitors.

The Festival as a whole, now in its 22nd year the 2014 celebrations will run from August 1st to 3rd: on, August 1st, up to 8pm; on Saturday, August 2nd from 8.30am until 6pm; and on Sunday, August 3rd from 11am to 4pm.

The main, annual “Porzellanflohmarkt” will take place on the Saturday, with a smaller market being held on the Sunday.

An exhibition “White Gold – experience Porcelain” will also be held in the Rosenthal Theatre in Selb until August 10th. This year, a shuttle bus service will also take visitors every half hour to factory outlets in and around the city centre.

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