Argillá Italia 2014

by A Marr & Associates Media

This year the Argillá Italia Ceramics Festival in Faenza is set to be one of the biggest. The programme for the long weekend is packed with exhibitions, demonstrations and activities.

The Argillá Italia is an annual festival held in Faenza, Italy, organised to discover and learn about ceramics and ceramicists with events, culture, exhibitions and activities.

Faenza is known to be one of the leading capital cities, worldwide, for creating the traditional tin-glazed pottery know as majolica.


© Via Ceram

The UK is our special guest for 2014 with participation from 12 ceramists including: Johnathan Keep (3D) and David Roberts (raku) attending workshops at the Mueso Carlo Zauli.

There will be many exhibitions and some of the most important Italian ceramists will be occupying places. From Alessio Tasca and Leel Babel to Ana Celia Hillar and Marco de Luca, this years Argillá Italia is packed full of talented ceramists.


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5th – 7th of September

The Market Fair
Inspired by the historical event that takes place in Aubagne, France, every second year, The Market Fair is leading up to its fourth edition. Nearly 160 exhibitors from over 18 nations will be occupying the streets of the Historic District or Faenza.

Mondial Tornianti World Potters’ Wheels Competition
Once again the show and competition from Mondial Torninati will be on in Faenza. The competition is open to all Italian and foreign wheel potters and is free for all participants. The competition takes place live in front of the public.

6th September – 11:30am


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Arginet Conference
Networks and partnerships have been created between the cities of ceramics throughout Europe. During the conference delegates from several European districts and towns will discuss the problems, perspectives and opportunities of working together.

The entire action packed programme is available at the Argillá Italia website.

Don’t miss out on all of the excitement at this years Ceramics Festival in Faenza. Ceramic activities, open fires and children’s corners in the main square all weekend. With live performance, demonstrations and competitions, it will make for a fun and quirky long weekend.